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Have You Met Our Owners?

We'd love to introduce you to the owners and managers of Lakeshore Family Campground, Brandon and Sarah Bowers!

Sarah and Brandon standing next to a tree at Lakeshore Family Campground
Picture on Closing Day - 10/6/23

Brandon grew up camping and was so excited to introduce Sarah to it just a few years after they were married! He was nervous on their first trip, wanting to make sure everything went smoothly and that Sarah enjoyed herself. Sarah remembers the first night washing dishes and not knowing there was limited space in the tank for the gray water (not even a term she knew at the time) and thinking she had clogged the sink as it began to backup. While there was a steep learning curve, the weekend was an incredible success!

Even though they don’t get away to camp as much as they’d like, they have a love for camping and the outdoors, especially the simplicity and pace of life while living out of their camper. Brandon and Sarah have also, throughout the years, discovered a love of hospitality and creating spaces and places where people can come to make memories. Lakeshore Family Campground is not their first endeavor into the world of hospitality and tourism.

It’s fun to note they received word from their realtor that their offer on the property where LFC sits was accepted while they were on their annual camping trip with Sarah’s siblings and their families. It was a long, nearly two month, period of due diligence, and they closed on the property at 3219 Pearson Rd on October 6, 2024. On the 6th they popped champagne and took pictures and on the 7th they got to work!

“We opened February 1st after some electrical updates, grading improvements, reconfiguration of sites, and general upgrades to the property like the community fire pit, dock, and picnic tables and fire pits for each site,” said Brandon. “We were able to do a lot of the work ourselves which was great, and now it’s just a matter of letting people know we’re here!”

“Lakeshore Family Campground is the only campground on Lake Monticello, which is super cool, and I know it’s an over used phrase, but Lake Monticello is such a hidden gem that so many locals don’t even think to come here. It’s beautiful, quiet, and peaceful and we love sharing this space with others,” shared Sarah.

Sarah and Brandon standing next to a tree at LFC with red ribbon in their hands.
Sarah and Brandon at their official Ribbon Cutting

“One thing that makes LFC unique, in our minds, is the ability for a group of friends or family to rent the entire space," said Brandon. "We have a family coming the week of July 4th and they’ve booked the whole place, and two more groups over the summer have taken advantage of the idea of camping and booking the entire campground for their group."

You're likely to see Sarah and Brandon during your stay at LFC as they come to check on everything on site and make sure your guest experience is great!

Lakeshore Family Campground is located in Blair, SC and has 6 full hook-up sites, water, electric, and sewer. There is wi-fi, picnic tables and fire pits for each site as well as a beautiful community fire-pit for guests. LFC also has a private dock for the guests and is located less than 5 minutes from one of the boat ramps on Lake Monticello.

You definitely need to add a trip to LFC to your camping itinerary. It's a beautiful place ready to welcome you. It's a place where you and your friends and family can make memories to last a lifetime! Come check it out!

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